the world is around corner

Premium quality wines, spirits, coffee, and delicacies from all over the world.


The World is around Corner

Corner & Co. is an international group of corporations specialized in gastronomy and “fine foods” segment, operating in Central Europe.

Company with vision, carefully built and led by the Chladek family, has acquired in the meantime a leading position in the field of gastronomy. History of Corner began in 1994, entering the Slovak wine market and

gradually creating actual supply and demand of quality wines and delicacies in Slovakia. The activities have grown within the last two decades into segments of leading international wines, wine accessories, spirits, coffee, tea, chocolate, delicacies, catering technology and other products distributed in the markets of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Poland.



Corner is the destination of gastronomy experience and pleasures,that make life tastier and more enjoyable!


Corner covers the whole range of business and support activities.

Everything starts with the manufacture and design of their own products, followed by import and export of various brands, strategic management, swift sales team, expert advice and service, brand management and strategy, marketing and customer service, events and public relations, comprehensive economic and financial management through an integrated IT system, sales policies, sophisticated international and local logistics and distribution within almost all external and internal sales channels, e-shops, flagship stores and designer tasting room. Range of Corner & Co. activities consists of a broad spectrum of professional functioning information system and a high degree of business process management.

Corner & Co. portfolio belongs currently to the finest ones among international distributors globally.

The range includes an exclusive collaboration with several hundred leading producers of recognized premium specialty food and beverage brands from all the continents of the world.

Corner brings into the business vision, professionalism, the highest international standards, real life values and humanity. “We do not sell products but emotions. Although we invoice the goods.“

Ing. Július Chládek, General Manager


Team Corner & Co. perceives customers as partners and friends. Reliability, trust, communication and responsiveness are very important, as in true friendship. “And of course enthusiasm for what we do and the joy of our clients’ projects.”

Ing. Andrea Chládeková, General Manager


Corner & Co. constantly works to step up and improve its services and status. Corner's vision is to become an integral part of every genuine gastronomic experience, friends gathering, party, or special gift, in the markets where it operates.


top management

 Corner & Co. since its founding, in 1994, is led by Chladek family.


 Corner & Co. since its founding, in 1994, is led by Chladek family as a microcosm in the macrocosm, where every detail and personal individual approach really matters. For a whole is only as strong and unique as each of its parts.

The founders of the company are spouses Július and Andrea Chládek. Today in the management of the group, which has  long since grown beyond traditional family company, acts also the second generation - Richard and Silvia Chládek.


Spirits of corner

Smell. Taste. Exceptionality. Emotions. 

Premium spirits and world-class brands of rums, whisky, gins, vodkas, and cognacs. Tasting them will make you reach various destinations and savor their enchanting essence. 



"We enjoy what we do."

Corner & Co. is the preferred partner of leading international companies for Central European markets. Most of the range is under exclusive distribution agreement, which enables precise, comprehensive distribution, availability and building of brand image and awareness.


World-Class Assortment and Selection

Corner product structure is composed not only of global brands that reached its premium status through longterm recognition by experts and demanding clientele. Corner also represents the middle segment brands that have an excellent ratio of price and quality.

Any product that is included in the portfolio has been carefully pre-evaluated and subjected to testing by Corner's professional team. Only select products that meet the most demanding criteria can receive a “green light to go”. Such pre-selection guarantees that any offered product will at least meet the standards expected and required by customers of Corner & Co.


It is important to provide our clients satisfaction - a great added value and meeting or surpassing their expectations. “Everything we do for our customers, without them it would not make sense.”

Ing. Július Chládek, General Manager


Professional Service and Consultancy

Gastronomy is one of the toughest industry trades. Professionalism, reliability, speed and flexibility are the very foundation on which the pillars of Corner & Co activities stand.


„Our clients have the right to drink the wines, that are presented in the world´s best restaurants. These make „DNA“ of every single good sommelier.“

Rastislav Šuták, Sommelier

„There is probably no other company in the world with such a concentration of world-class wine and alcohol brands. In addition to this, we also have exceptional people who take care of these brands, and most importantly, who take care of our clients. For our customer we want to be the partner, not just a supplier. This means that we are helping them to present the products to their customers.“

Zuzana Vajdová, Sales Executive Director

„Our life is too short to loose time by drinking average or ordinary drinks and I follow this philosophy every day. It is my mission to choose and present spirits portfolio with outstanding professionalism. I see emotions, tastes and smells in every single brand, and I am also trying to show them to our clients. This makes my job also my personal passion and joy.“

Michal Hajský, Spirit Ambassador